Reselling Partner Program

  • Priority 24/7 Technical Support
  • Custom tailored program
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bunch of freebies

Program tailored for your business expansion!

The Reseller Program gives you the opportunity to gain all the benefits of running a self-owned hosting company just with lower risk then investing in your own hardware and network infrastructure.

Our Reseller Program is open to anyone interested in starting a hosting business. But also experienced individuals or companies that wish to expand their range of products and services are welcome.


  • Infrastructure you can depend on!

    Having stable Network Infrastructure is mandatory in Internet Business. We do understand that! Our Network is fast, stable and secure. How do we accomplish this? By constant improvements of our routes, 24/7 NOC and new technologies implementations. We are European Web Hosting provider with International Presence and great Global Routes. No matter where you are located, over our network we will deploy to you and your customers great access to Global Market.

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  • Custom tailoring

    We are all similar, but fact is that everybody is unique. This can be also replicated to the business. We understand every business is unique, have unique demands, budgets, problems to solve. Therefor, AltusHost is here to listen to your needs and problems and propose best custom tailored solution for them.

    Contact your Business Custom Tailor today.

  • Great Value

    Almost every provider promise “great value”. We actually deliver value! Our definition of “value” isn’t cheapest price. As those who provide cheapest prices on the market, they cannot provide you top notch support when you need it, nor they can provide you premium bandwidth and outstanding network stability, even we all know that every Internet business depends on those. Value that we provide you is a combination of competetive price, high quality hardware, outstanding support and network stability, so both you and your clients can benefit from that.

    Contact us, to discuss how we can bring those values to your business.

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