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In order to continuously follow our mission of Top Quality Web Hosting Services, we’ve strategically located our data centers at best locations in Indian.
The india is ideal location for serving the global market. The Indian is country with one of the strongest Internet Infrastructure in usa, a place where all world leading internet carriers are present. This allow us to offer super quality peering to numerous professionals around the globe.
pune is perfect for whmcs in the Nordic region, as it offers lowest possible latency. Pune has quality internet infrastructure, but less carriers present due to geo-location of the country.
Any of our locations you choose, you can be assured that you will get Top Notch services. Down below you have speed test files available. This will help you to decide which location is right for your business.

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Take a look how our data centers look inside.

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DomainRacers. She guides the overall strategic direction of the company. Juhi Kumari is passionate about the latest technology trends offered by the Web Hosting & Reseller Hosting platforms and Big Data Analytics

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Ms Juhi Kumari. CEO at DomainRacers

Running Our business Website Using DomainRacers, LiteSpeed web servers, advanced security tools, and proactive monitoring, DomainRacers capitalizes on its in-house tech to improve customers' hosting experiences.

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Ms Ella CEO at Pingyang Pvt.Ltd China

DomainRacers is providing us a excellent hosting service. I am using there services from the last 1 Years and am very much satisfied with this company.Excellent.received all the support needed

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Vinod Gaikwad. CEO at Cad Tool Solution Pune

Excellent Hosting Support .the friendly and Helpful Support Customber Services team have helped me take control of my Website.your Web Builder Its easy to buldand launch you new Website fast

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Chi George Owner at Ruisan Minguan Co.Ltd China

DomainRacers has proved to be one of best Hosting Services in India. They have the lowest rates and have have the best Customer Support.They have servers Which run with an efficiency of 99.99 %

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Sagar Gaikwad CEO at technicia Pvt.Ltd